Jacques de LOUSTAL 2004

size 70cms x 100cms

Born in Neuilly in 1956. 
In the late 70's, then a student in architecture, he began to publish illustrations in Rock & Folk, where he met Philippe Paringaux which he wrote several scenarios of comic books published in Heavy Metal, then (A Follow ). 
Together they will sign and several albums such as "Barney and the blue Note", "Hearts of sand," "Kid Kongo", "the blood of thugs", etc.. Jacques de Loustal worked with other writers like Jerome Charyn ("Brothers Adamov," Sonya White ") and more recently Jean-Luc Coatalem for" Beautiful China Sea "and" Nothing new in Fort Bongo ", published Casterman. 
in addition to his comic book author, he regularly works as an illustrator for editing (especially the works of Georges Simenon), newspapers (The New Yorker, Senso, etc.). and publicity. exhibited his paintings at the Galerie Christian Desbois in Paris, Belgium, Switzerland and Japan. 
A lover of travel, he relates his travels travel books published by Editions du Seuil. www.loustal.com             

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Height 100.00
Width 70.00
Depth 0.10
Jacques de LOUSTAL 2004