Alberto BALI 1999



size 86.5cm x 62cm/24.5”x34.2”

Print run : 1000

Year : 1999

Alberto Bali was born in 1944 in Rosario, Argentina's second city, a great grain port on the Parana River. The mixture of his origins is a reflection of the great crossroads of immigration that Argentina was during the first half of the twentieth century - since his father, a native of India and a student at Oxford, England, was persuaded by a fellow polo Argentine to move to Argentina where he met his future wife of Italian descent, as half of Argentines. Upon his arrival in Europe, Alberto Bali had chosen to abandon the straight line, the ruler and compass of the architects, to venture into the tracks of artistic expression. But it is also true that, like it or not, he has never completely abandon his architectual origins. In the different artistic expressions that he gradually explores, one after the other, painting, sculpture, design, graphic design, interior design & advertising, one can note fantasy inspired by the poet, who is trying to bring a pencil, colour, printing an exact time of a landscape, but also the rigor of the composition, "made" so dear to the architects who installs his work in a well identified form. Graphic designer, Alberto Bali loves above all make posters, but also books, boxes, where the pace set by the variation of the images in a series of prints, serigraphs, to enter more deeply in a monument, a neighborhood, city: la Villette, the Opera Bastille, Saint-Nazaire, La Pampa, the art deco villas in Hossegor, as many spaces it tries to capture the essence, better any photo can, finding a little magic in what is a well-established specialty in classical art, the architectural drawing.

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Width 625.00 Centimeters
Height 865.00 Centimeters
Depth 0.10 Centimeters
Height 80.00
Width 8.00
Depth 8.00
Alberto Bali 1999