Cathy MILLET 1986


size 68cm x 88.5cm/26.9”x35”

Christian Roux, under the name of Cathy Millet, published a book of illistrations entitled 'Museum' in 1996. It composes a stroll through the rooms of an imaginary museum. Cathy Millet also produced summaries and some short stories in Charlie Monthly as well as was an ilistration alphabet where ach letter is quite simply a large drawing. His work for Willi's is like none other, being a composition of a series of very small bits of tracing paper, each representing a colour, each superimposed on the previous series of outlines. Sedimentaty art...

And then he changed his name. Again.

His style recalls the etchings of the early century composed of a many frames and produces drawings where black dominates. His image for Willi's from 1986 is a personal favorite, somewhere between a stained glass window & a festive moment of joy. Wine can be such a moving subject !

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Height 89.00
Width 68.00
Depth 0.10
Cathy MILLET 1986