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LYU HANABUSA 1993 'Limited 2005 Edition'

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Lyu Hanabusa 1993

size 70cm x 100cm/27.5”x39.5”

Hanabusa was asked by Mark Williamson to create the first photographic image in relation to the joys wine for Willi's Wine Bar. He wanted to create a strong and memorable response to the pleasures of wine, in sympathy with the Willi's Bottle Art series. Lyu Hanabusa has now created two photographic images for Willi's Wine Bar -

1993: At that time Hanabusa lived in Paris. He created this fantastically successful image in homage to Man Ray.

2001: This poster appeared just after the catastrophe of September 11th. Hanabusa wanted express his response to the tragedy through the message ‘For peace, love & good wine in the new millennium’ and took a parody of Michaelangelo’s David as its starting point.

Lyu Hanabusa was born in Osaka, Japan. He made his debut as a professional photographer with the individual exhibition "One More Something" in 1970 at the Nikon Salon Tokyo (Photo Gallery). Hanabusa has published a wide variety of works including portraits of celebrities, nude photography, collaborative works with novelists, and travel and landscape photography. Hanabusa's major publications include "Féminité", "Présence", "BACK", "MARURU –Paradise Tahiti- ", "LAZY FISH", "BEDROOM", "PARIS PARIS", "HANABUSA LYU" and "Musée du Louvre". His exhibitions include "Something coming far from Consciousness", "Portraits of Women Living in Paris", "KABUKI", "Time of Creation" "BAROQUE", "MARURU/TAHITI" and "NudePortraits". Hanabusa is a member of the Japan Professional Photographers Society. Hanabusa's two publications, "Musée d’Orsay" and "Palaces in Paris", will appear this coming autumn.